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Try not to get Blogged down

February 25, 2022


A blog? another one? why? To be completely honest I have no idea why Im writing a blog or why one is necessary, call it too much free time in a pandemic, however I'll try to write these short snippets in between working on my products like orbaone and staffgenius (Shameless plug lol).


In an endeavour to add another method of self-expression and self-actualization, I thought a blog might be a different outlet than the other ones (painting, music and illustration), I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

What to Expect?

I'm not entirely sure tbh lol, this has been my 5th attempt at blogging, however I feel the difference between those times and now is that, then I was actually trying to force myself to produce some meaningful/impactful content, while yes, that's a good aim but looking back, I think I actually boxed myself in and put too much pressure on myself to create.

Creativity (I've learnt) must ensue and cannot be pursued, so this is free-wheeling-anything-goes-here-we-go type of blog, "pen to paper", so to speak. Let's see what I'll create as I try to piece together this nuxt site in between my lunch breaks lol

Welcome, and thanks for reading.